Preventing & Dealing With Theft While Traveling: The Ultimate GuideMy Story

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Budapest and I came back from a quick dinner, opened a bottle of wine and went to check my phone messages as I had left my phone to charge.

The phone wasn’t there…

In the ensuing days I found out I was robbed by a profession thief making a living by cruising from hostel to hostel, robbing guests.

After stealing my stuff he went to a hostel a few blocks away. He checked in with a different name, ID and then cut off the locks off the lockers of the girls he was sharing a room with, making off with their iPads, computers, credit cards, and passports.

The bad news: there’s no 100% way to prevent your stuff from getting stolen while you travel.

The good news: there are actions you can take to make sure if you are the unfortunate victim of theft, it will only be a hiccup in your travels instead of a trip-ender.

You Will Learn


Learn about steps you should take BEFORE you leave on a trip that will both help you prevent a theft and help you in case you’re a victim of a theft:

  • Property Insurance
  • Making digital and hard copies of important documents
  • Free tracking software for electronics
  • How to use a fake wallet
  • Setting up a safe word
  • Learning about common scams

In The Moment

Learn how to make yourself less of a target while you’re out traveling and exploring new areas

After The Dust Has Settled

If you are a victim, learn about the proper steps to take after the incident to ensure the least resistance in your travels moving forward

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