February 5

Puppies: More Than Just a Chick Magnet


My cute puppy
This cuteness doesn't just attract the ladies.

I bought a puppy a few month ago and all I heard was “OMG, you are going to get SO many chicks with him.” While I’m not debating this issue, I just want to point out something else: for every fine lady that has approached me and said “Cuuuuuuuute, I love puppy kisses. Come over anytime and I will totally puppysit for you *winky face*” there has been a creepy guy who has approached me and said, well…the same thing.

You must realize that everyone only talks about the beautiful nymphs that approach them because that’s the best part! No one is going to tell you to get a dog so that you can meet “Oscar” who will compliment your puppy’s cuteness and in the same breath let you know that having a dog is the only thing that keeps him from ordering boxes of womens underwear every month.

Well I’m here to tell you the truth about puppies. Everyone in your general vicinity will suddenly be interested in talking to you, not just the cute girls. So the next time you see a guy with a dog talking to a hottie, and you think he’s a genius, he was probably conversing with Frank, a middle-aged balding man, on whether Frank’s new toupée should be “golden walnut” or “glazed strawberry” yesterday. Genius!


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