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Looking For Travel Gear?

I have been living out a 20 lb backpack since 2012 and I have learned I enjoy living minimally in this fashion when I have useful, high quality gear with a purpose. 

In 2012 I left on a trip around the world for an entire year. It was a trip spanning 23 different countries, taking me to Northern Norway past the Arctic Circle and down to South Chile; I spent time in Indonesia where it was rainy and humid; I enjoyed the sunny beaches of Australia and the harsh sun of South Africa; and I even went out to fancy restaurants and partied in high end nightclubs. ​

To see the complete gear list of everything I took with me on this trip: click here

I learned a lot from this trip when it came to gear; I learned what was important to me when traveling and living out of a backpack and what wasn't quite as important. My gear list is constantly evolving and getting upgraded. If you'd like to see what I travel with now, sign up below to get my updated for 2015 Gear List for free. 

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Trying To Plan Your Own Trip?

Different countries require different budgets and they all hold completely different adventures and experiences. As I travel I keep a daily journal that includes where I spend my money and where I go so that I can pass that along to future travelers.

What Does Travel Hold?

One of my favorite activities while I travel is getting lost with my camera. This results in a lot of photos and a lot of stories. I also keep a daily journal with highlights from each day, which allows me to keep of track of some of my favorite memories. 

I wrote a 12-part series detailing the monthly highlights (with photos) from my year-long trip around the world. You can start at the beginning by clicking here. ​

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