November 28

My first life investment: A new puppy


My new puppy, dude.Say hello to Dude. I have been wanting to get a dog for some time now but was always worrying about the “right time”. I finally realized that it will never be perfect timing for a dog since 10-15 years is a long time to plan for (I don’t even know what I will be doing in a year, let alone¬†multiples). So I bought him. He’s 10 weeks old, born September 13, 2010. His mom was a lab and his dad is unknown but is strongly thought to be a border collie. This will make for a very smart, curious and active dog. Just what I need.

My goal is to turn him into a dog that makes people want to get a dog. You know, the one that doesn’t jump on you or sniff your booty hole and listens to what you say. A good friend of mine trains dolphins for Sea World and is very adept at training behaviors (not tricks!) to dogs as well. Together (her doing, me learning) we will turn this puppy into awesome.

Some advanced tricks I already know I want to teach him are:

  • Ring a bell when he needs to tinkle/poopsie
  • Get me a beer from the fridge
  • Catch a¬†Frisbee out of mid-air

I will learn how to properly train a well behaved dog from a frickin’ dolphin trainer and then teach it to you, my unknown interwebs audience. If you have any other super sweet tricks you have seen or would like to see trained, throw ’em in the comments and we’ll try it out. To puppy breath and impulse buys!



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  • Hey Dude errr…I mean Dawg err… Dave!

    Spelling correction for you — Border Collie

    As far as advanced tricks, “play dead” and “crawl” are some pretty entertaining ones I have seen in the past…

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