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Build your consistent journaling habit with this accountability program. 

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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to Journal Anyway! Please start here to get access to everything you need to get access to. 

Introduction and Welcome

Watch this to get a lay of the Journal Anyway land. Where you can find education, group support and other communication.

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Basic Daily Journaling

All the building blocks needed to create a simple daily journaling system to focus on consistency first. This simple structure is what you will use to build in complexity later on. 

The 3-Step Formula to Start Your Consistent Practice

The simple system I recommend to start building your daily journaling habit. 

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Adding Complexity to Your Daily Journaling Practice

In this module you'll learn about the power of consistency to deliver massive results, you'll get a look into my current daily journaling practice and how it has helped me over the years and finally, you'll learn how (and what) to add complexity to your own daily practice.

The Power of Consistent Action

The tragic story convincing me journaling was the best habit I've ever created for myself because of how it trained the skill of discipline.  

A Deeper Dive into My Current Daily Practice

Get a look into my current daily journaling practice to see how I've added complexity over the years to help me achieve some long-term goals for myself.

Adding to Your Daily Practice

Now you will discover how you can figure out what you want to start tracking for your own personal growth, and then how to set up a system to add to your daily journaling. 

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Bonus Content

All the bonus content for the Journal Anyway program. 

What to do When You Miss Your Daily Ritual

The three tips I recommend to use to help you get your journal entry for the day done when you miss your daily ritual. 

Creating Your Monthly Highlights

At the end of every month review your daily highlights and create a list of your favorite highlights from the month using this process.