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Module 01 – Understanding Yourself

In this module we will be using different journaling exercises to help you find a “destination” that’s important to you.These exercises might be emotionally draining so I recommend only doing one lesson per day in order to get the most out of them.

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The Most Interesting Bus Ride…

I’m going to tell you a quick story and then give you a journaling prompt and a follow up processing exercise. All-in-all it should take about 10 to 15 minutes and ideally you’re in a distraction free space to write what comes up...

You Are The Main Character,,,

The prompt in this lesson will help you to become an observer of your own life with a creative visualization. So before you start, make sure you set the space to be undisturbed and ready to write. No need to set a timer for today, just write for as long as you’d like.

What Areas of Life are Most Important for You?

This lesson is all about categorizing your interests and prioritizing what’s important to you by understanding the 6 areas of life. You’ve already started this process with the first two exercises, which brought some clarity about what’s important to you, and today’s lesson will build on that even further (so please do the first two exercises before completing this one).

Maybe You Don't Actually Want It...

For this journaling exercise we’re going to be taking a look into your unconscious to discover why you might not be getting what you want. This exercise will take a bit longer than the previous ones so please make sure you have at least 30 minutes of distraction free writing time before getting started.

Finding the Intelligence…

It's common when doing exercises like these to have some negative self talk arise around how you "should" be. In this lesson I share a look into my personal life on how to flip it around from something "'wrong" with us, to something intelligent.
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Module 02 – Understanding Journaling

In this module we will gaining a deeper understanding of the tool of journaling. We’ll be covering the 4 different categories of journaling—their pros, cons and benefits.We'll also be covering scheduling your practice vs. writing when you’re inspired and structuring your practice with a system vs. just letting it flow.Excited to share this all with you. See you in the first lesson!

The 4 Journaling Categories

This lesson is all about the 4 categories of journaling. When you sit down to write, it will fall into one of these 4 categories. Each of them have different pros and cons and understanding them will help you choose the right category based on what you’re wanting to accomplish when you’re creating your practice.

Scheduled vs. Serendipitous Journaling

In this lesson we’ll be talking about the differences between a scheduled and serendipitous journaling practice and how they each fit in with the 4 different categories of journaling.

Structured vs. Freeflow Journaling

In this lesson we’ll be talking about the differences between a structured vs freeflow journaling entry and how they each fit in with the 4 different categories of journaling.
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Module 03 – Designing Your Practice

The goal of module 03 is to help you start to design your journaling practice. Like sailing a ship, there are many ways you can get where you want to go. Do you stop along the way to your destination or go straight there? Are the seas rough or calm? Are you traveling fast or slow?The answers to these questions are different from person to person, but can also change within the same person. Just remember there are many ways to get to where you want to go, so this will be a constantly evolving process.Things will work and things will break, but this module is filled with examples and tips to help you start, because starting is more important than having the perfect process.

A Look into My Full Journaling Practice

In this lesson I’m sharing a look into my own personal journaling practice that has been evolving since 2012.

How do You Handle Accountability?

In this lesson you’ll discover the 4 different accountability types and which one you are so you can best hold yourself accountable while building your journaling habit.

Top 3 Tips as You Design Your Practice

As you start to experiment and design your practice, use these 3 tips to help maximize your success and avoid some of the common mistakes people make.

What do YOU Journal About?

So, what do YOU actually journal about? In this lesson we will pull it all together to help you build a journaling practice that’s sustainable for the long term…

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