February 23

How Much Does It Cost To Travel The World? My 2015 Expense Report


How Much Does It Cost To Live Like You Do?

I get asked different variations of this question a lot. It's not my favorite.

But it's ok, because my favorite questions are the ones that come after it.

I keep a daily journal, and one of the things I keep track of every day is how much of my money is spent where.

So when someone asks me this question, my answer isn't a guess or an estimation and it usually surprises the person asking the question when I know the answer with such certainty.

This is when I get to learn what type of person I'm talking to by what they say to me next.

Some people are looking for any excuse to change their life around, and some people are looking for any excuse NOT to change. I love when I meet a person dead set on changing their life--especially when it involves traveling more.

In this post I'll tell you exactly how much I spent in 2015 and I'll tell you what it was spent on (Food, Accommodation, Transportation, Entertainment, Alcohol and/or Business). I'll even detail some of the adventures I went on to give you some more tangibles and ideas of what's possible with this amount of spending.

Concrete details on spending and experiences can be extremely helpful for inspiration, budget and planning purposes. It's why I keep track of this stuff and post it. I want to help you get out there anyway I can.

However, before we get into the details take a minute to answer this question: why do YOU want to know how much my life costs me?

I ask you this question because this entire post comes with a caveat. You are not me, we do not have the same exact goals or aspirations, we do not have the same exact network and we do not enjoy the exact same things. This means we will travel differently, have different opportunities available to us, and ultimately have have a completely different travel experience, which results in different travel expenses.

This expense report is merely a tool to give you an idea of what IS possible.

Use it as a reference to help you with your own travel goals and budgeting. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

How Much Did I Spend In 2015?

$ 18433.66 Total Spent
$ 50.50 Avg. Spent Per Day

$50.50 dollars per day includes EVERYTHING I spent for the year except for the gear I started the year with.

I categorized my spending into 6 different categories to give you a general idea of where the money went.

The 6 categories are:


Food and beverage (excluding alcohol)


The cause and solution to all of life's problems.


• Planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, etc. (excluding transportation for tours)



• Tours, shows and adventure sports

• Entrance fees


• Hostels, hotels, home-stays, camping equipment, etc.

• Non-food products (toothpaste, soap, deodorant, medicine, etc.)

• Non-entertainment services (travel insurance, doctor’s visits, laundry, money exchanges, haircuts, etc.)


• Anything used to help run/build an online business

• SaaS products, Ad spends, products, etc.

Countries Visited

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Iceland
  • The Netherlands
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Romania

A Taste Of The Adventures

Living In This Mansion For 3 Months (Included Personal Chefs)

Xochimilco Boat Floating Rager

Photo By Glen Thomson

Photo By Glen Thomson

El Hierve Del Agua - A Rare Petrified Waterfal

The Top of El Hierve Del Agua

El Arbol Del Tule - The World's Largest Circumfrence Tree

Oaxacan Cooking Class

Hang Gliding

Valle De Bravo Hang Gliding
Valle De Bravo Hang Gliding

Road Trip - Los Angeles, CA > Seattle, WA

Two Week Icelandic Adventure

1.5 Week Trip to The Netherlands

6 Week Trip To Israel

Week Sailboat Trip Around Sardinia, Italy On To Barcelona

Three Months in Barcelona


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  • Amazing what you have accomplished on a minimal outlay of cash. While I’m unable to pull up stakes (house, significant other, multiple pets), your methods demonstrate how expenses can be radically trimmed for much shorter jaunts to parts unknown. I wish I would have known this (and been willing to take the leap) much earlier. Thanks for the posts.

  • Great post! Really shows how attainable worldwide travel is if you dedicate yourself to it. I was just wondering what you typically use for booking your adventures? How’d you get hooked up with the mansion?

    • Thanks Theo, I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      As for booking…for accommodation I mostly use AirBNB these days. For flights I use the ITA flight matrix in combination with other engines like Skyscanner or Hipmunk.

      The mansion was a right-place-at-the-right-time kind of a deal. I good friend of mine who lives in Mexico had an empty mansion due to some unforeseen circumstances and so he basically offered it up to anyone who wanted a room. It was an awesome setup for sure.

  • Wow.. great and awesome adventure. So much money u spend. What kind of business u did in each area/country that u visited?

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