The Top 15 Photos from my Solo Trip to New Zealand

As a forewarning, my naked booty is prominently featured in the last image. Also, I made a video (no naked booty) of the entire trip, which you can see below the photos.

The next post will be more of a logistics/how-to post for this trip which will include the route I took, where I stopped, what I ate, lessons learned, total costs, etc.


Currently, I’m in a hostel in Singapore after finishing my first legitimate Couch Surfing experience with an awesome host, Vanessa. I’ve already tried some amazing food, most of which, I’ve never tried before in my life: century eggs, sambal stingray and sugar cane juice, to name a few. In 4 days I’ll be headed to Bali for 13 days to try and adventure as much as I can! Then, I’ll be back in Singapore for a few more days before heading to Bangkok for Christmas and New Years to travel with a good friend from California, Howard. Cruuuuuuuuuuush.

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